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Kangaroo cookies

Kangaroo cookies

Butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar and flour are placed in a large bowl and mixed. Then add the following ingredients and mix with a spoon carefully.

The oven is heated to 180 ° C.

Cover the tray with baking paper and grease.

By hand, the dough is made into balls the size of a walnut, which are placed in a greased tray a few cm apart.

When baked, they will leave and become flat, so the distance must be left.

Bake for about 30 minutes until golden.

They will be softer on the surface, but inside they are ripe.

If you start eating cookies ... don't give up on them.

Great appetite!

The incredible healing effect of touching the mother

The human body is not just a biochemical and genetic system, dynamic and sophisticated there are strong energetic, emotional and psychological aspects that interact decisively with their corresponding parts of the body and can make as measurable a difference in our physiological functions.

A valid proof of this comes from the Kangaroo neonatal care method (kangaroo & ndash method K) which requires contact between the skin of the mother and the newborn. Although this simple intervention provides superior support for those born prematurely and under normal weight compared to conventional practices, such as the use of the incubator, it is rarely included in official hospital policies or recommended to mothers by institutional experts.

Pediatricians have expressed fears that keeping a premature baby outside the incubator during the Kangaroo interaction could expose the baby to cold with a subsequent loss of body heat and lower body temperatures, which can be critical to the survival and condition of babies. weaken. However, research shows that the exact opposite occurs during K-method care. A study involving premature babies under normal weight (less than 1.5 kg) and their mothers, published in Journal of Pediatrics, found that the temperature of the newborn actually rises when the baby is in direct contact with the mother's breast.

Perhaps the most remarkable story that has been brought to the public's attention is the miraculous resuscitation of the premature boy Jamie Ogg, who, after the birth, was declared dead by doctors, after 20 minutes of resuscitation efforts. His mother put him on her chest and held him for 2 hours, after which he suddenly inhaled air and soon breathed normally.

Beyond such dramatic recoveries, clinicians have recorded an impressive positive impact of the K method on a variety of physiological and behavioral parameters in newborns. For example, doctors at the Pediatric Department of a hospital in New Delhi, India, conducted a randomized controlled trial on the effects of the Kangaroo method of maternal care. 28 dyads (mother-infant pairs under normal weight) were assigned to either the control group (incubator or standard care outside of it) or group K, where the mother kept the baby in contact with her skin for at least 4 hours a day. in no more than 3 innings.

The authors concluded that:

Babies whose mothers used the Kangaroo method of care gained faster weight gain, got out of the hospital faster, and, much more impressively, higher breastfeeding rates. KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care & ndash Kangaroo Maternal Care Method) is an excellent adjuvant for the routine care of premature babies in a hospital nursery.

Another study published in the journal "Pediatric Nursing" found that newborns who received K-method care slept longer, were less agitated, and had fewer episodes of apnea (discontinuation). episodic breathing) and bradycardia (slowing of the heart rate). Comparing the Kangaroo maternal care method with the standard incubator method, a randomized control study published in the journal Annals of Tropical Pediatrics found that the first method is much superior. Children receiving K care gained an average of 20.8 grams / day, while infants in the incubator group gained less than half, 10.2 grams / day. The Kangaroo mortality rate was zero, while 9% of the babies in the incubator died. Finally, the group using the Kangaroo maternal care method had a shorter hospital stay, 16.6 versus 20.7 days for the incubator group.

The available evidence shows that simple contact between the baby's skin and the mother's can have a profoundly healing effect on premature or sick babies. The Kangaroo method of maternal care is a non-invasive and very effective way to restore vital physiological functions, while strengthening the bond between mother and her newborn baby.

The healing effect of touching the mother, however, does not only manifest itself on babies, it manifests itself on each child when he comes in contact with his mother's skin and love. Touching his mother is the most precious thing for any child. When a problem arises, first of all, medicines, doctors, tests, hospitals and others, your child needs you!

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