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Chloe Coscarelli of "By Chloe" Is Launching a Plant-Based Meal Kit

Chloe Coscarelli of

The service highlights recipes from Chloe's cookbook Chloe Flavor.

In the newest meal kit collaboration,Chef Chloe Coscarelli, author of Chloe Flavor, has teamed up with online grocer Peapod to provide meals for plant-based and vegan eaters. Shoppers in New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C. can now order everything they need to make Coscarelli’s incredible General Tso’s Tofu.

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Cooking Light recently reviewed Coscarelli’s new cookbook, which was released in March, and found that, of the recipes we tried, the General Tso’s Tofu was an all-time favorite. Peapod's new meal kit serves two and retails for $14.99 per pack, loaded with pre-chopped and pre-measured ingredients.

If you don't live in one of the metro areas where the meal kit is available, don't despair. Peapod provides three additional recipes from Coscarelli’s book, and allows shoppers to shop directly on the page for ingredients. You can choose from vegan General Tso’s tofu, brussel sprouts tacos, "McVegan" breakfast sandwich, and Shelley’s Matzo.

These dishes are perfect for anyone looking to incorporate meat-free meals into their diets, including those sticking to vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian lifestyles.

“My goal has always been to make vegan cooking easier and more enjoyable for at-home chefs,” Coscarelli said in a press release. “Vegan doesn’t have to mean bland and boring, and I’m really excited to share this General Tso’s Tofu meal kit with everyone. This is my first meal kit, so by partnering with Peapod, I’m hoping it will solve some meal time challenges people are facing.”

Chloe Coscarelli FIRED from “by Chloe” Vegan Restaurants Investor Wants To Sell Meat

An arbitrator has ruled that it’s A-OK to fire Chef Chloe Coscarelli and sever all ties with the vegan co-founder of “by Chloe” restaurants, allowing the financial backer to move forward with opening non-vegan restaurants.

According the the Wall Street Journal, Chloe said she will “protect the integrity of my brand,” but for now at least, ESquared Hospitality, owner of the BLT Steak brand, has been given the green light of the law to grow the chain on its own, and add as many animal products as they chose.

Although I haven’t seen the contract signed by Coscarelli, and I’m not a practicing lawyer, I have a feeling she may have signed a binding arbitration clause, preventing her from taking the matter to court.

You can never be too careful with those contracts.

Sadly, not everyone is in it for the good of the world, but rather for the good of their pocketbook.

The irony is the “by Chloe” brand is doing very well. The popular vegan restaurant has expanded to 5 locations, with more on the way. I remember the editor of my new book mentioning the NYC location often had a line out the door! He also said the food was delicious (and he’s not vegan).

While so many other large, successful companies are expanding their plant-based options to cash in on the ever-growing consumer demand, seems odd to go against the tide and drag dead animals to a vibrant, vegan plate.

Even the restaurant’s website acknowledges her pivotal role since the inception:

“In 2014, Chloe partnered with ESquared Hospitality to bring healthy, delicious and satisfying vegan and plant-based dishes to the masses with the launch of by CHLOE.”

Hope some stellar lawyers step up to “plate” and help Chloe figure a way out of this mess! The chef plans on making sure “by Chloe” is never associated with cruelty. I have a feeling this battle hasn’t ended its only just begun.

The Products Vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli Uses In Her Beauty Routine

Chloe Coscarelli started gaining notoriety when she became the first vegan chef to win Food Network&rsquos Cupcake Wars. That was in 2010, and Coscarelli was 23. Since then the vegan chef has gone on to write four cookbooks and even open several restaurants, including Chef Chloe&rsquos Cafe in Miami.

Chloe has been vegan now for an impressive 17(!) years, but she actually started out as a vegetarian. She previously told Women's Health that she decided to go vegan after she felt unhealthy just being vegetarian. &ldquoI started eating things like cheese pizza, mac and cheese, lasagna, quesadillas, grilled cheese. And I realized that wasn&rsquot a very balanced diet.&rdquo So after a year or two, she decided to try a fully plant-based diet. &ldquoThat was what really opened up my eyes to this whole other world of colors and flavors, spices, and ingredients,&rdquo she says.

The plant-based chef doesn&rsquot just eat a vegan diet. She also carries out her vegan ethics into her lifestyle choosing to shop for cruelty-free goods for everything from her clothes to her makeup and skincare products. And while the flavors in her recipes are anything but simple, her beauty routine is pretty pared-down. Curious what she uses for her signature bold lip or to achieve those long lashes? Here's what she had to say.

"My skin feels bright and glowy afterwards and it&rsquos completely vegan."

&ldquoIt&rsquos hard to find a good vegan lip balm because a lot of products out there contain beeswax. This one is a great texture and has the slightest twinkle that makes it the perfect naturally cute option when you don&rsquot feel like wearing lipstick or gloss. I use this lip balm all day long.&rdquo

&ldquoI&rsquom obsessed with this foundation because it&rsquos not too heavy but not too sheer. It evens out my face and gives me color without looking like I have makeup caked on.&rdquo

&ldquoIt&rsquos not easy finding a bright, vibrant lip color that doesn&rsquot use animal-derived ingredients, so this product is a total gem. I love doing a bright lip for photos, and this Strawberry Frozé shade is my fave.&rdquo

Peapod and vegan chef, restauranteur and cookbook author Chloe Coscarelli recently joined forces on a vegan meal kit that shows consumers just how easy and flavorful plant-based eating can be. Chloe's General Tso's Tofu meal kit makes the first time that Coscarelli has made a meal kit and it comes with all of the necessary ingredient additions to make the protein-packed vegan dish.

As an online grocer, Peapod makes it easy for consumers to purchase Chloe's General Tso's Tofu meal kit alongside other grocery staples. The online grocer simplifies the shopping process by offering vegan, non-GMO and free-from filters to quickly help consumers satisfy their dietary needs and preferences.

Since a growing number of consumers are embracing plant-based eating, Peapod is making it incredibly easy for all to enjoy nutritious meals, whether they are dedicated to a vegan diet or simply looking to enjoy more meatless creations.

Cook Like Chloe At Home!

Looking for some similar recipes to the ones to Coscarelli’s? Try some of these ideas from the Food Monster App!

General Tso’s Tofu

This General Tso’s Tofu is a plant-based take on the Chinese food takeout classic. Serve it with brown rice and broccoli!

Churrasco-Style Seitan Tacos With Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These Churrasco-Style Seitan Tacos With Roasted Brussels Sprouts have all the protein of seitan and nutrients from Brussels sprouts! Jalapeños add a spicy flavor to these tacos.

‘Eggy’ Breakfast Sandwich With Coconut Bacon

Looking for a gluten-free breakfast that’s filling, satisfying, and totally vegan? Try this ‘Eggy’ Breakfast Sandwich With Coconut Bacon!

Looking for more info on plant-based food? Download the Food Monster App, it’s available for both Android and iPhone. The app is loaded with thousands of allergy-friendly & vegan recipes/cooking tips, has hundreds of search filters and features like bookmarking, meal plans and more!

Peapod targets vegan meal kit lovers

Peapod is teaming up with vegan celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli to launch a line of plant-based shoppable recipes, whose ingredients can be added to virtual carts with just the click of a button.

The Ahold USA ecommerce arm has introduced five options, all of which provide fresh, premeasured ingredients that can be purchased along with other grocery essentials. One such option is General Tso’s Tofu meal kit.

"My goal has always been to make vegan cooking easier and more enjoyable for at-home chefs," said Coscarelli. "Vegan doesn't have to mean bland and boring, and I'm really excited to share this General Tso's Tofu meal kit with everyone. This is my first meal kit, so by partnering with Peapod, I'm hoping it will solve some mealtime challenges people are facing."

Chicago-based Peapod's introduction comes the same week as another provider of plant-based meal solutions, meal-kit service Purple Carrot, received a $4 million equity investment from Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. to help expand operations, including supply chain efficiency and access to the retail channel and categories.

“Helping people eat more plant-based foods represents our differentiated, purpose-driven commitment to making the planet and the people who live on it healthier," said Andy Levitt, founder and CEO of Needham, Mass.-based Purple Carrot. "This investment by Fresh Del Monte will strengthen our ability to create meaningful and lasting change, improve our core product and open up a world of possibilities for brand expansion.”

The time for plant-based meal kits and other solutions has never been more right: Three in four consumers are trying to eat more protein or interested in doing so, although 58 percent of Americans have tried to, or are interested in trying to, consume less meat, Chicago-based market research firm Mintel says in its October 2017 “Healthy Lifestyles – US” report. This meshes well with data revealing that plant-based eating’s growth is expected to hit $25 million by 2020 (double 2015’s value), while meal kits are anticipated to hit $35 billion in 2025 (up from $1.6 billion in 2016).

"We're constantly looking for ways we can delight our shoppers with a great selection that fits a variety of today's diets," said Spencer Baird, SVP of merchandising at Chciago-based Peapod. "Partnering with Chloe and co-creating a meal kit with Chloe is the perfect way to bring fresh ideas to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or anyone just looking to embrace more meatless meals."

Chloe's Kitchen: An Interview with Vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli on Her New Cookbook

The vegan community owes a lot to Chloe Coscarelli for her victory on Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2010. A graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute, UC Berkeley, and Cornell University&rsquos Plant-Based Nutrition Program, the creative, animal-loving, and adorable Chef Chloe had already entered the culinary world at the time of the competition with positions at Bay Area veggie hot spots Millennium and Herbivore as well as Counter in New York. But it was her victory on Cupcake Wars&mdashthe first victory by a vegan on a Food Network competition&mdashthat finally gave permission to vegans all over the country to shout from the rooftops: "Ha! Our desserts are not only just as good as all the others! They can even be better!" So influential was Chloe's win, that not only have more vegan bakers competed on the show since her, but tomorrow, Food Network is even airing a Cupcake Wars all-vegan showdown.

Since that win, Chloe's approachable take on veganism has blown up in the media, with spreads in The New York Times, Woman's World, and on CNN. In January she appeared on The Doctors with a recipe for a decadent vegan chocolate cake.

And tomorrow, March 6, after much anticipation, Chloe's first cookbook, Chloe&rsquos Kitchen will launch (but you can pre-order it now!).

Chloe's Kitchen has recipes ranging from the very simple, like "Classic Roasted Vegetables" and "Avocado Toast" all the way to the more intricate, like "Seitan Scallopini" and "Tarte Tatin with Coconut Whipped Cream." And of course it features her famous desserts, including her award-winning cupcakes, plus (in true vegan form) a recipe for "Peanut Butter Dog Treats." It serves as a great intro to those new to veganism or interested in trying it out, with helpful tips on everything from how to stock a vegan pantry to how to make soy-free soy sauce. In addition to an intro from Chloe on how she came to be a vegan and how she approaches cooking, there is also a forward by Dr. Neal D. Barnard, Founder and President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine addressing common concerns about veganism, like the ever-present question of "Will I get enough protein?"

I can go on and on about Chloe and the yummy recipes in her book, but let's talk to the chef herself. Chloe was kind enough to answer some questions for Bay Area Bites about her approach to veganism, her favorite recipe, her take on the Bay Area vegan food scene, and even about her beloved animal friends. Read on, then scroll down for a recipe from her book, as well information on book signing events in the Bay Area in the coming weeks.

The vegan community is very excited for your new cookbook! What was the motivating spirit behind Chloe's Kitchen and what impact do you hope it will have in the culinary world?

Since going vegan 8 years ago, I've had so many people ask me "How do you do it? I could NEVER be vegan!" There are lots of myths out there that vegan food is bland, boring, expensive, and difficult to prepare. Wrong! My motivation behind Chloe's Kitchen is to show people that vegan food can actually be extremely flavorful, exciting, and easy to prepare. I hope that Chloe's Kitchen will prove to the mainstream that vegan cooking is fun and accessible and convince people to try it in their homes on a regular basis.

Chloe's Kitchen is dedicated to your mom, and you mentioned that she and the rest of your family was very supportive when you went vegan as a kid. What were your reasons for going vegan, and do you have advice for anyone else--child or adult--who is the sole vegan in their family?

Going vegan in a family of carnivores can seem daunting, but if I could do it as a child, anyone can! My advice would be to stay positive. Your family might be overwhelmed if you focus on what you can't eat. Instead focus on what you can eat! Take your family to a local vegan restaurant or try cooking something delicious from Chloe's Kitchen once a week (I'd recommend "Penne alla Vodka with the Best Garlic Bread in the World" or "Mongolian BBQ Seitan"). Your family will be thrilled and open up to the idea.

I dedicated Chloe's Kitchen to my mom because she has been with me on this journey every step of the way. She was the first person to support my dietary choices and even cooked me a separate feast on my first vegan Thanksgiving! She always has a "can do" attitude and tells me everyday that anything is possible. Without her optimism, I would have never taken a chance on going to culinary school and writing this book.

I love the range of difficulty that your recipes offer. A novice can take their time moving from something simple like Easy Peasy Pasta Salad, all the way to Moroccan Bastilla. But tell us: What is YOUR favorite go-to dish from your collection?

I love that you noticed that! For the most part, the recipes in Chloe's Kitchen are simple and straight forward, but I did throw in a couple fun ones for the more adventurous chefs. My favorite go-to weeknight meal would have to be "Fettuccine Alfredo" or "Falafel Sliders with Avocado Hummus." For dessert, definitely my "Cinnamon Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies." I even make them for breakfast sometimes.

You mention in your book that your love for cooking started during college at UC Berkeley, after which you jetted off to New York to attend The Natural Gourmet Institute. Did you specifically study vegan culinary arts or did you have to adapt your studies to your ethical stance?

In my senior year of college at UC Berkeley, I toured a bunch of culinary schools with my mom before making a choice. It became clear that Natural Gourmet was the obvious choice. Not only does Natural Gourmet have a focus on health, nutrition, and alternative medicine, but they are also very supportive of each student's moral beliefs. You do not have to touch or taste anything you don't want to. Natural Gourmet's plant-based focus truly puts them on the cutting edge of culinary education.

You have some strong Bay Area roots. How do you feel the Bay Area is evolving from a vegan perspective?

The Bay Area holds a very dear place in my heart. I have had so many amazing experiences there, from going to college at UC Berkeley, to getting my first restaurant job at Herbivore, to experiencing my first vegetarian festival in San Francisco, to working at the world's greatest vegan restaurant, Millennium! The Bay Area is definitely one of the fastest-evolving veg cities in the world. I mean, come on, what other city has an all-vegan cinnamon roll bakery (Cinnaholic) or an all-vegan sushi house (Cha-ya)?

What are your favorite Bay Area culinary destinations?

I could probably write a whole book on this topic because I am totally obsessed with the food in the Bay! There is nothing like a bag of salty air-baked garlic fries at Smart Alecs, or a platter of the oyster mushroom calamari at Millennium Restaurant. I could eat hundreds of pieces of tempura sushi (specifically, the Cha-Ya roll) at Cha-ya. Vegan Chinese food is also very plentiful in the Bay, my favorite place being Long Life Veggie House in Berkeley. My friends took me there every year on my birthday in college and I would always get the Broccoli Veggie Chicken-- it's to die for! And don't forget the Shawarma Wrap from Herbivore. After this question, I'm starving!

And a final question I just have to ask. One of my favorite quotes from your introduction in Chloe's Kitchen is "You name it. I've adopted it. From pit bulls and rats to frogs and lizards, I've always been a please-can-we-keep-him? kind of girl." I can totally relate, as I'm sure many vegans can. Are there any special non-human animals that have made a particularly strong impact in your life? (Feel free to share adorable photos!)

My life has been made so incredibly rich with the love of my pets! I just recently adopted 2 infant chihuahua's from the shelter. They were abandoned on the street by someone and were going to be put to sleep the day the we picked them up. We were originally asked by an animal rescue group to foster the puppies, but you know how that works. One look into their eyes and the adoption papers were signed! They are brother and sister named Buster and Winnie. All they want to do is kiss each other and me. all day long. They are the sweetest dogs who love nothing more than sleeping curled up on top of me.

Thank you, Chloe, for taking the time to talk to Bay Area Bites. We can't wait to make everything in your book, and see other creative recipes you come up with in the future!

Chef Chloe with the recently adopted Buster and Winnie (photo courtesy of the author)

Upcoming Book Signing Events:
Monday, March 12: Omnivore Books (San Francisco) &ndash 6pm
Tuesday, March 13: Book Passage (San Francisco) &ndash Ferry Building &ndash 6pm
Wednesday, March 14: Books Inc. (San Francisco) &ndash Marina location &ndash 7pm

Chloe will also be appearing on KQED's Forum with fellow vegan chef Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on March 13.

Photo Credit: Miki Duisterhol

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter

Gnocchi (pronounced NYO-kee) are soft little pillows of potato heaven that pretty much put regular
noodles to shame. I like to make the dough with sweet potatoes and pan-fry the gnocchi with a
touch of vegan butter and fresh sage leaves. You get extra points if they make it to the plate before
going into your mouth!

Make-Ahead Tip
Uncooked gnocchi can be made in advance and kept frozen for up to 1 month or refrigerated
for 3 to 4 days until ready to boil.

2 large red-skinned sweet potatoes (about 2 pounds)
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for rolling
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup vegan margarine
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 cup fresh sage leaves
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, plus extra for serving

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Pierce sweet potatoes with a fork, place in a baking pan, and bake until fully cooked, about 45 to 60 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit until cool enough to handle. Using a sharp knife, cut the potatoes in half lengthwise. Using a large spoon, scoop the flesh out of each sweet potato into a medium bowl. Thoroughly mash the sweet potatoes while they are still warm, then set aside or refrigerate to cool completely. Add salt, nutmeg, and pepper to the sweet potatoes. Add flour, 1/2 cup at a time, mixing well with a spoon to combine. Once a soft, slightly sticky, dough has formed, divide it into six portions. Generously flour the work surface and your hands. Roll each portion of dough into ropes about 1/2 inch in diameter. Each rope will be approximately 7 to 9 inches long. Dip a sharp knife in flour and cut each rope into 1-inch long pillows. If desired, roll each pillow on fork tines to make decorative ridges.

Fill a medium saucepan with heavily salted water and bring it to a boil. In the meantime, heat margarine and sage in a large nonstick skillet until the margarine begins to bubble.

When the water is boiling, reduce heat to a gentle simmer and gently drop in the gnocchi, about 20 at a time. The gnocchi will float to the surface in about 4 minutes. Continue to cook about 30 seconds more. Using a slotted spoon, immediately transfer the gnocchi to the skillet of butter sauce. Let cook, turning frequently, for 1 to 2 minutes. You will have to do this in several batches, until all the gnocchi are cooked. Serve immediately, topped with additional freshly ground black pepper.

Plant Power! Peapod Partners with Chef Chloe Coscarelli on New Vegan Meal Kit

CHICAGO , May 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Peapod, the country's leading online grocer, announces a new partnership with vegan chef, restauranteur and cookbook author, Chloe Coscarelli . By working with Chloe, who shines a spotlight on how delicious plant-based eating can be in her new book Chloe Flavor, Peapod is making it easier than ever for Peapod customers to make delicious and easy meatless meals at home. Chloe's exclusive General Tso's Tofu meal kit features pre-measured and fresh ingredients that can be added to customers' shopping carts along with other grocery essentials. In addition to this meal kit, shoppers can also find four new recipes from Chloe Flavor on, all of which are shoppable - with just one click, customers can fill their Peapod carts with all ingredients.

"My goal has always been to make vegan cooking easier and more enjoyable for at-home chefs," said Chef Chloe. "Vegan doesn't have to mean bland and boring, and I'm really excited to share this General Tso's Tofu meal kit with everyone. This is my first meal kit, so by partnering with Peapod, I'm hoping it will solve some meal time challenges people are facing."

A recent Mintel study indicates that a majority (58 percent) of Americans are looking to add more plant-based foods to their diets*. This meal kit and the other shoppable online recipes are an easy solution for people looking to make these types of changes. "We're constantly looking for ways we can delight our shoppers with a great selection that fits a variety of today's diets," says Spencer Baird , Senior Vice President of Merchandising for Peapod. "Partnering with Chloe and co-creating a meal kit with Chloe is the perfect way to bring fresh ideas to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or anyone just looking to embrace more meatless meals."

To help shoppers easily find the foods that fit all their diet preferences, Peapod offers a helpful Nutrition Filter tool that sorts from more than 16 attributes including Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. Using this feature, shoppers can customize their grocery shopping experience based on their personal dietary preferences and needs.

For more information and recipes from Chloe, visit Also visit Peapod's free Mobile App, Alexa skill or follow company updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Peapod, an Ahold Delhaize USA company, is America's leading online grocer with over 40 million orders delivered to date. Peapod's intuitive, inspiring website and award-winning mobile app allow customers to shop faster and smarter as well as save time and money with each order. Peapod is an easy and convenient solution for the busy consumer shopping for fresh groceries, pantry staples and meal solutions. Peapod offers delivery to both homes and businesses, and has over 200 pick-up locations. Peapod is available in 24 metro markets across New York , New Jersey , Connecticut , Rhode Island , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , Illinois , Wisconsin , Indiana , Pennsylvania , Maryland , District of Columbia , and Virginia .

Maria Chiorando

Maria is a news and features writer for Plant Based News. As a former magazine editor, newspaper reporter, and features writer, her work has been published by The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and various regional newspapers, as well as Vegan Life magazine and Vegan Trade Journal. She has interviewed a huge range of people, from Prime Ministers to authors, activists, pop stars and actors, and enjoys the varied range of topics writing for PBN allows her to tackle. She was previously the editor of Plant Based News for over 3 years. More by Maria Chiorando

Vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli On ‘Mission To Make Plant-Based Mainstream’ With These Free Recipes

Celebrity vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli has joined forces with tofu brand Nasoya to create four free recipes – perfect for vegans or those trying to cut their meat intake.

The ambitious chef says she is on a mission to make plant-based cuisine mainstream – as well as to prove that tofu is not only a better-for-you, versatile protein option, but incredibly delicious.

She added: “Cooking with tofu can be intimidating, especially for those who have never done it before. The recipes I created for Nasoya were designed to make it easier than ever to cook with tofu and also give people full confidence that the end result will be delicious.”

Coscarelli hit the spotlight when she became the first (and so far only) vegan to win Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

She has been widely recognized for bringing vegan cuisine to the mainstream as an award-winning chef and best-selling cookbook author. Debunking the myth that vegan cooking is bland, Chloe shares her bright, colorful, and tasty recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients.

She has published three best-selling cookbooks, Chloe’s Kitchen, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts and Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen. Her fourth book, Chloe Flavor, will launch in March 2018.

The New York Times, Forbes, Inc. and Zagat have each recognized Chloe in their 30 Under 30 series.


The recipes Coscarelli curated with Nasoya are versatile – whether preparing to host a crowd-pleasing dinner party or looking for something new to add to your recipe repertoire, these dishes offer tasty options.

Watch the video: Top 5: Vegan Cookbooks for Beginners (November 2021).