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How to Survive Cooking with Your Mother on Mother's Day

How to Survive Cooking with Your Mother on Mother's Day

Because: moms. #Amiright?

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Stay safe, and sane, in the kitchen with these tips for cooking with your mama!

Make a Meal Plan Together

If Mom is the head chef in the home kitchen, this can be super challenging. Perhaps you’re the master of eggs — make sure you let Mom know that your skills are strong here and that you can totally handle it.

Divide the Work

This is where you start to get to work. If your mom is excellent at manning the stove, suggest that she sets up a station there. If you are an excellent chopper, take on that task. Just be sure to go down the ingredient list and the directions and share the responsibilities.

Stick to Your Side of the Kitchen

While this is totally a “together” activity, crossing paths with hot things and sharp knives is always dangerous. Stay to your part of the kitchen just purely for safety.

Keep Communicating

While you’re working on your part of the meal, make sure you give your cooking partner a heads-up as to where you are. Timing is a big part of any recipe, so you want to be sure you are in sync.

Pay Your Compliments to the Chef

Nothing is sweeter — not even dessert — than showing your gratitude.

Celebrating Mom: This Mother’s Day, a toast to small triumphs

“My biggest triumph as a mom over this last year was building a nonprofit that would serve other moms like me! When I don’t know what to do, I do for others. When I don’t know how to help myself, I help others.”

-Lisa Pena, Rio Hondo, Texas, founder of Labeled & Loved, a nonprofit to help families with special needs

“My biggest triumph as a mom over this past year is having kept my family healthy and COVID-19 negative. … I will never take our blessings of this past year for granted. Never.”

-LouAnn Schimmel, Mill Creek, Washington

“My now 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2019, at just 3.5 years old. Just as the world began shutting down last March, she was beginning the most intense phase of her entire 2.5-year treatment, with chemotherapy that would go on to completely wipe out her immune system (and her hair). With the shift to working from home and an adjusted work/life balance, I was able to focus so much more on my daughter&aposs health and wellness, keep her protected at home and get her through the worst days of treatment. I&aposve since watched her hair start to come back in, thicker and curlier than before, her body begin to regain strength and start growing again, and finally watch her rejoin her sister and little friends back at the small home day care around the block. Seeing the resiliency of my young girls, and watching them thrive in such major challenges, is beyond a triumph for this momma. It is everything.”

Coping With Grief

The Best Recipes for a Memorial Day Cookout

From burgers and side salads to lemonades and desserts, there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than with these summery recipes.

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo By: Alice Gao ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Alice Gao ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Photo By: Alice Gao ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Alice Gao ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

Star Spangle Layered Dip

Katie&rsquos layered dip is fun, festive and fit for a crowd. Don&rsquot forget tohe chips for dipping!

Sunny's Sizzling Summer Burger

Take pre-made burger patties over the top by seasoning with a flavorful spice rub and topping with lettuce, onion and a sriracha-cheese sauce.

Bacon and Egg Potato Salad

Jet uses Greek yogurt and mustard as the dressing for his tangy potato salad.

Crunchy Lemonade Drumsticks

Treat skin-on drumsticks to a fragrant lemon-buttermilk marinade for at least 4 hours (or up to overnight) before breading and baking them. It's best to dip the drumsticks in mayo before rolling them in panko to ensure the breading sticks.

Charm City Corn

Nothing says summer quite like corn on the cob. Wow your guests by tossing the boiled corn in a spicy melted butter.

Antipasto Salad

Giada gives classic pasta salad an Italian twist, tossing traditional ingredients like salami, cheese, peppers and olives with fusilli.

Poppy-Seed Potato Salad

Sparkling Summer Lemonade

Fresh berries and a mint simple syrup infuse sparkling lemonade with fresh summer flavor.

Cucumber Salad


Stacked with layers of sopressata, mortadella and provolone, this hefty sandwich is made to survive on the road. A muffuletta is really at its best when it's been pressed for up to 3 hours &mdash giving the briny tapenade time to soak into and soften the Italian loaf &mdash which makes it the perfect make-ahead addition.


What could be better than the tried-and-true combination of fried chicken and coleslaw on a summer day? For the best results, try preparing the slaw the night before the big cookout &mdash that way, the cabbage and carrots have time to soak up the tangy dressing.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches

These easy-to-make sandwiches are filled with crispy buttermilk fried chicken, crunchy coleslaw and spicy chipotle mayonnaise.

Grilled Corn with Smoky Butter

Add a subtle, smoky flavor to grilled corn by slathering each ear with a simple seasoned butter.

Mom's Salad

It&rsquos all about the vinaigrette in this five-minute salad. The combo of fresh oregano and garlic promises a bright taste that pairs perfectly with grilled meats and your favorite summer sides.

Grilled Beans

You can&rsquot have a cookout without a side of beans! Kardea&rsquos better-than-canned version is cooked right on the grill, so there&rsquos no need to stand over a hot stove.

MacDaddy Mauro BBQ Boneless RiBurger

You don&rsquot need beef to make a great burger. Jeff seasons ground pork with a BBQ rub, then bastes each patty with barbecue sauce as they cook. As reviewers say, it tastes just like your favorite fast food sandwich &mdash only better!

Jalapeño Popper Potato Salad

Ree&rsquos spicy twist on potato salad is a great accompaniment to every dish. She mashes the potatoes just a little bit to ensure a texture that's chunky yet silky.

Your Mom Tries To Compete With You

While it may sound strange, you might notice that your mom tries to compete with you, Stephanie Sarkis, PhD, author of the book Gaslighting, tells Bustle. It may even get to the point where she seems more like a sister or a friend, than a mom.

She may even try to live through you, Sarkis says, possibly by encouraging you to win at all costs and succeed, so that she can feel that success, too. Or by doing other bizarre things, like becoming friends with your friends.

"Gaslighters are master controllers and manipulators, and even parents can be gaslighters," Sarkis says. So if any of this sounds familiar, that may be what's going on.

What to do about a lagging libido

As estrogen levels decrease, the lining of your vagina gradually gets thinner, dryer and less elastic, all of which (no surprise) can lead to a lagging libido. Your doctor may recommend low-dose contraceptives or vaginal estrogen (which comes in cream, tablet or ring form), but you may also find relief with over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers and water-based lubricants. On the plus side, staying sexually active helps by increasing blood flow to the vagina.

9 Things You Learn When Your Bad Mother Dies

The last lucid conversation I had with my mother ended with her hanging up on me. We didn't argue. She didn't like what I had to say and made an excuse to end the call.

Three years later, I sat by her bedside in a hospital trying to fill her last days with good memories.

Coming to terms with my mother's death is hard, even after nine years. Really, it's been more than that as we never truly had a relationship worth anything. My mother was manipulative and conniving, mentally and emotionally abusive. She died from the end stages of multiple sclerosis.

I've often thought what life could have been like if she'd been well, mentally and physically. Instead, I'm left to learn from her actions toward me and others, and vice versa.

1. I am loved. Despite her actions making me feel worthless, my mother's death made me realize I am loved. My small family and circle of friends had great sympathy for my brothers and me as we spent a week watching our mother die and when we put her to rest. After her death, I discovered there is love in the world and I am worth something to others. I got married two years later, had a child and found great joy in both &mdash all the while wondering why my mother didn't seem to find this joy in her life.

2. She wanted to love me. I had this revelation early on but denied it. I couldn't believe she loved me. It often felt she had us kids simply to gain a semblance of control &mdash over what, I'm not sure. But in the end, we were all she had. I think she saw too much of others in us and was disappointed she didn't have more influence over who we became. I believe she wanted to love us more, but couldn't because she didn't truly love herself.

3. Do your best not to judge others. I judge too much and daily reprimand myself for it. Every time I look in the mirror, I see my mother. I look a lot like her and it reminds me to be more kind, but it doesn't always work. Like her, I'm sometimes disappointed in how I've turned out. But I do my best not to judge myself and not to judge others.

4. Actively listen to my child. My mother often robotically asked how I was doing. She didn't care, and I knew it. She was narcisistic and cared little about others. When I was young, I'd try to tell her about school or my activities, but she often talked over me, telling me something inappropriate. Keeping that in mind, I tell myself to actively listen to my child. And respond appropriately by having a real conversation with him. He has his own mind with working thoughts and curiosity.

5. Some injuries last a lifetime, but can be reasons to grow. Mental and emotional abuse is damaging. My mother often tried to manipulate me into believing everything in her life was someone else's fault. Guilt was often served hot and followed me through my life. I feel guilt daily for things I should not. Taking time to reflect on the guilt gives me perspective. It's taken five years, but I no longer feel guilty for leaving my child at daycare if I have the day off and need to get stuff done, for example. Nine years after my mother's death, I no longer feel guilty for not visiting her grave.

6. Some memories show she did love me, at least for a while. At her burial, I played a hymn on my flute &mdash "In the Garden" &mdash a song she often sang to me when I was very young. I cried that day, but not because she died. I cried because I'd never gotten to know her and because I lost my mom long before she died.

7. Hate will consume you, if you let it. There have been several periods in my life where hate consumed me. I became angry and vicious, withdrawn and depressed. After I got married, every little bump in the relationship made me angry and resentful. After seeing myself in a raging anger one day, I took a step back and realized hate had consumed my marriage, motherhood and relationships with others. I acted just like my mother. Realizing that gave me perspective and enough gumption to begin to change.

8. Humor can help you heal and survive. As our mother lay dying, my middle brother and I employed our survival mechanism &mdash humor. We joked around and did our best to keep from sitting and crying. We told stories from our childhood and remembered the good times &mdash like when a skunk got into our house and surprised our mother by warming up in hot clothes fresh from the dryer.

9. Let others heal in their own time and way. Since my mother's death, my mother-in-law died. We talk about her often and I can see my husband still struggles with the fact she's gone. We often just let our five-year-old talk about her and ask questions. My husband smiles and answers his questions, but in short, letting the subject drop. Our son was three when my husband's mother died, but remembers her clearly and it gives me joy he is so open to talk about her.

Talking about death can help others heal, but silence can also be a remedy. Everyone heals in their own way and time.

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3. Cook From Scratch

I grew up in a home where my mom cooked mostly from scratch so I was used to this. And fortunately, I enjoy cooking and baking. But it was still convenient to buy pre-packaged things to save time. It didn&apost take me long to realize that it also was often a quick way to blow money.

Yes, cooking from scratch takes a bit more time, but with a bit of planning ahead I&aposve learned that it can be relatively fast too. One of the things I do that helps save time is to cook up large quantities of ground beef and chicken and then put it in the freezer in smaller portions. That way whenever I need a pound of ground beef or 2 cups of chicken for a recipe, I&aposm saved the time of having to cook it up. I also often make double recipes of a dish and then freeze half of it. Making twice as much of something doesn&apost take much longer at all and when I have an unusually busy day it&aposs so handy to be able to just pull dinner out of my freezer. I also apply this same principle to baked things like bread, rolls, cookies, and biscuits.

How To Care For A Runt Bunny

After feeding a runt bunny, I would highly encourage you to stimulate them with a moist, warm cotton ball so that they pee and poop after you feed them, at least until their eyes first open. As a side note – keep any older male rabbits away from the mother bunny, as she can actually become pregnant nearly immediately after giving birth to her babies. This poses a great risk to the mother and her kits and in particular the runt bunny, who often needs extra attention.

Rabbit owners are often inclined to separate the runt bunny from the rest of the litter to ensure that it has its own separate food and water without having to compete for it. This is not a bad idea, but if you decide to do this, please ensure that the runt bunny stays warm. If you’re in a cold climate, the runt may freeze. Rabbits need the rest of their litters to stay warm and snuggly when they are young!

To conclude, once you have determined that your runt rabbit is not a peanut, it will require the same things the rest of its siblings need. Because the runt needs to compete for these things, however, it is important for you to give it extra attention to ensure it has the highest chance of survival.

If you’re a bunny owner yourself, I’m keen to hear about how you’ve taken care of your runt bunnies. Leave a comment below and let me know!