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Hearty breakfast

Hearty breakfast

Beat eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, add finely chopped onion. Separately cut the sausage into thin slices, put them in the hot pan and turn them from side to side, one minute on one side, one minute on the other side.

We take them out and mix them with the egg, then we grate some cheese, as much as our heart allows. pour everything into the hot pan and brown a delicious omelet. We take out the omelet and place it on a wooden plate, we cut the crap, we place them nicely on them, we prepare the tea, we break the baguette and we start to enjoy a delicious breakfast ... Have fun, we had ....

Bread with salami, ham and boiled eggs & # 8211 a hearty breakfast, which can be prepared by anyone

Do you want to prepare a hearty breakfast? Try the recipe below. You only need a few sausages, boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes and pickles. The simple recipe is explained step by step in the lines below.


  • 16 slices of bread
  • 8 slices of salami, 8 slices of ham
  • 4 boiled eggs, 8 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 pickles, butter and salt to taste
  • Mayonnaise and hot pepper paste (to taste)

Method of preparation:

Put boiled eggs in salted water. After they have boiled and become strong, let them cool. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half, and cut the pickles into slices.We take out the core of the slices of bread.Grease the round core with butter. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. We put a slice of egg on each piece of bread.Cut the salami slices in half and shape them into a funnel shape.We cut the slices of pressed ham diagonally, in half. We roll them, so as to obtain a helmet, and we fold the upper part, so as to obtain a funnel this time as well.We place the salami funnel on the slices of bread, we put inside a slice of pickled cucumber and half a cherry dress.We do the same with the pressed ham funnels.We fix the sausages on the bread with a toothpick. At the end, add a little pepper paste and mayonnaise. Good appetite and increase cooking!

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40 recipe ideas for breakfast

During this time, not only can breakfast be taken at any time, but it can mean many things. And as we are isolated in the house and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the ideas about "what else do we eat today"They are more than welcome. I'm not going to tell you why it's good to eat breakfast, because everyone knows what to do in their life. I'm just telling you that if I don't eat breakfast and then drink my coffee, I'm very, very ugly. The more you know me about Zen, the more ugly I am if I don't eat on time. So I gathered as many here as possible breakfast ideas, to inspire you to alternate options and enjoy something good every morning.

40 breakfast ideas

1. Yogurt with cereals and fruits. This is my favorite breakfast, because it's fast, tasty and healthy. I put a few tablespoons of creamy yogurt, some muesli or cereal and any kind of fruit I have at home or I feel like at the moment. If it is difficult for you during this period with fresh fruit, I have, for example, in the closet most of the time canned fruit cocktail, and in the freezer bags of fruit. And if you don't have yogurt, you can replace it with milk.

2. Smoothie. I don't really like this version, but it's an energy boost, for the mornings when you really need something like that. Put in the blender the fruits you have at hand and add milk and a little honey. The good part is that you can make any kind of combination, depending on what you have in the house and what you like.

Here are some smoothie recipe ideas

3. Yogurt with nuts and honey. I love this combination! I also put a fruit next to it and it's already an energy boom. Plus you can choose from several types of honey.

4. Chia. I discovered chia very late, but once I came across it, I realized how much I like it and how many ways I can use it. Generally, I put some chia seeds in a casserole in the evening, add enough milk or water to cover them and leave them to swell overnight. In the morning, I enjoy them as I please and with what I have at hand. Usually I add creamy yogurt, honey or jam, nuts or cashews and, of course, fruit.

5. fruits. I don't know how it is with you, but some mornings I feel like eating a big plate of fruit and that's about it. It's a good detox and gives you full energy for the next part of the day.

6. Pita. I put some hummus on the stick, add a few cubes of cheese and a few more vegetables (I prefer bell peppers), roll the stick and that's how my breakfast is ready!

7. Nutella. Health, health, but let's add some more chocolate! Because… yes, there are also mornings where the jar of Nutella is the basis of breakfast. Either I give some fruit through chocolate and eat it like that, or I get my head around it and grease it with butter and Nutella on my bread. With a cup of milk next to it… yummy, yummy, yummy!

For true Nutella fans, here it is 30 delicious Nutella recipes!

8. Biscuits. Whether I don't have bread at home or I just like some biscuits, sometimes I choose biscuits for breakfast. With butter, jam and tea, with dried fruit and milk or with apples, for a little childhood nostalgia.

9. Sweety. Also in terms of sweet breakfast is the jar of jam or jam, spread on anything and in any combination.

10. Pancakes. I make some pancakes in the evening and leave them unfilled. In the morning, I fill them with whatever I want then, whether it's a salty filling or a sweet one.

11. Avocado. I really like avocado one and I eat it either as a guacamole paste or I cut it into pieces and I simply enjoy them.

12. Eggplants. Let's stay green and continue with eggplants, because there are many who prefer their spreads. I eat them quite rarely, because I have a slightly allergic reaction to them and my lips swell even more than they are swollen from mother nature. But from time to time, I also steal a slice of bread with eggplant and tomatoes, as I enjoyed as a child.

13. roe. The eggs are Rebecca's favorites. He would eat caviar every morning, with nothing else. So I recommend them to you as a breakfast idea, obviously not every day. We eat them on bread, along with cucumbers and a cup of milk.

14. Hummus. I like hummus. And he's very healthy and full. Either you make it at home as a chickpea paste, or you buy it commercially in different variants (plain, with basil, with paprika, with roasted peppers and so on). I grease it on bread or glue and add cheese and vegetables.

15. Pate. Idem. And the homemade pate… yummy, yummy, yummy! Not to mention that you can make liver pate, lentil pate, olive pate… you go on with what you want.

16. Meats. I didn't talk much about sausages, because I don't use them much. There are some mornings when I feel like a piece of muscle or a few slices of raw-dried salami. I eat them either as such, or I make sandwiches with bread, butter, sausages and vegetables.

17. hot dogs. I rarely eat them, but sometimes I feel like some pork sausages according to the original recipe, with some bread and mustard.

18. Omelette. Or "little man," as Rebekah says. I beat two eggs well, add spices and a little milk and beat them again. Heat the pan, put a few seeds or some dates and halves of cherry tomatoes, pull them a little in the pan, then add the composition. Sprinkle some cheese on top. And that's how a fluffy and delicious omelet comes out.

19. omelette. I like the starch more, because it allows me to mix it in the pan and add everything else that comes to my mind. And it passes me… Basically, you can put whatever you have in the house and you like it.

20. Fried eggs. I haven't really made any eggshells in a long time, but writing now I felt like them. I go perfectly with cheeses and vegetables. And for a little artistic sense, they can be made into different shapes of cookies or slices of bell pepper. And, why not, in bread rolls!

21. Boiled eggs. If I want them stronger, I can boil more and keep them in the fridge, so that in the morning I can take them straight from there, peel them and make all kinds of creative decorations for Rebeca. If I want them softer, I make them on the spot and enjoy them with whatever I have on hand in the fridge. Sometimes, I also make the “recipe” of my childhood: I put two soft boiled eggs in a cup, I add the pieces of bread, cheese or sausages and I enjoy them on the couch, in front of the TV or, as the case may be, the Netflix.

22. Poached eggs. Believe it or not, they are Rebecca's favorites in the "eggs" chapter. And they are extremely simple to make. Bring salt water to a boil, break two eggs directly into the water and leave them to cook for a few minutes, depending on how you want them, softer or harder.

23. Pie. If I make a pie, cake or cake in the evening, breakfast is the perfect time to enjoy it, because we have all day to eliminate sugar and calories from them. And, in addition, we start the day with a smile on our face, because they are super good!

24. Semolina with milk. If you want to conquer me with something, you will surely succeed with semolina. It's morning when I simply miss a portion of semolina with milk, neither too soft nor too hard. And most of the time I pour a healthy portion of jam or jam on top.

25. Porridge. I have a lot of oats in the house, in different shapes and packaging. And one of the methods I use oats is that porridge, in which I add honey, nuts, bananas and cinnamon powder.

26. Peanut butter. I don't know if you're a fan, but I love crunchy peanut butter. Sometimes I take my jar and a spoon and soak it with a few spoons, and some mornings I choose this breakfast option: bread, butter, peanut butter and jam or jam. Or another option that I really like: peanut butter fruits. Generally, I choose slices of banana or apple, on which I grease generous portions of peanut butter. A delight!

Here are several types of peanut butter and others healthy spreads

27. Sandwich. Whether you have a sandwich grill, you make toast, you put the bread in the pan or in the oven, or you leave it as it is, the sky is the limit when it comes to building a breakfast sandwich.

28. Salmon. Salmon is extremely nutritious and delicious, so I recommend it for breakfast. I eat it on toast, which I grease with a little butter. It goes with either soft-boiled eggs or fresh cheeses and vegetables.

29. Cereal bar. For lazy mornings, when you don't feel like doing much in the kitchen, I recommend a cereal bar (can be either made at home or bought commercially), along with a fruit and a cup of milk.

30. Rice. Boil on the spot or the night before, and add milk and cinnamon to breakfast. Or the milk-free version, in which you add honey, cinnamon, apples or other fruits.

31. Dried fruits. Sometimes, I replace fresh fruit with dried fruit and make a well-deserved platter with everything, along with biscuits or cereal bars.

32. muffins. The muffins are very quick to make and come out very good. Now, everyone chooses how to make them and what to put in them. I, for example, use oats or oatmeal, bananas, honey, milk and fruit for the sweet muffin version or cheeses and vegetables for the salty muffin version.

33. The pizza. Let's be serious, how many times have you not eaten the remaining slices of pizza in the morning with a cup of milk? Saaau, if you feel like morning mini-pizza, you can make them on the spot, especially if you have the dough ready.

34. Easter. Yes, and pasta can sometimes be eaten for breakfast. They can be "snails" with milk, macaroni pudding or, the version I really like, pasta with walnuts and honey.

35. English breakfast. If you are tempted by the idea of ​​an English breakfast, you can choose the famous version with scrambled eggs, sausages and beans. One of them never tempted me, neither this breakfast, nor their food in general. Maybe that's why, when I was in London, I ate hard from the Indians.

36. Croissant. I never made croissants at home, but you know… „never say never”. Until then, you always have the fresh croissant in town, along with fresh oranges, butter, jam and fruit. I admit that I like to cut the croissant in half, fill it with butter and enjoy it like that.

37. French pancakes. I don't know if there's anyone who hasn't eaten the frigate at least once as a child. Okay, I mean my generation, obviously. You know, those slices of bread, given through the egg and fried in the pan… There were always two options: either add cheese or add sugar, to get something sweet.

38. cheese. I'm a big fan of cheese, especially fatty cheeses like gorgonzola. So some mornings I choose to make my own bread and gorgonzola sandwiches, over which I put cucumber or apple slices.

39. Traditional plateau. Well, how can we not make a Romanian breakfast, with everything on the table? From telemea, curd or urda to muscle or all kinds of salami and other sausages. Along with, of course, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and any vegetables we have at hand and a little zacusca, eggplant salad and other goodies from the jars in the pantry. And what a Transylvanian chick I am, I tell you that there is no lack of bacon on the traditional plateau!

40. Wine tray. I call it a wine platter, because I usually enjoy it in the evening over a glass of wine. But I like what it contains so much that I sometimes make it in the morning, at breakfast. Yeah, no wine. So, that's what I put on the plate in the morning: cheeses (gorgonzola, brie, cheddar, camembert, emmental, pecorino), prosciutto or other raw-dried sausages, nuts, cashews, grapes or whatever fruit I have on hand and bread.

Remember that you always have cookbooks on hand, specialized in what you want to prepare. Not to mention the Internet, the inexhaustible resource of ideas and recipes. And if my list helped you a little to inspire you for breakfast, all I can do is make you happy and wish you good appetite!

What are the benefits of a healthy breakfast. Why you should never skip the first meal of the day

Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. Therefore, if you want to be in top shape, to overflow with energy all day, take time to eat in the morning.

The importance of breakfast is given by the fact that when you wake up, your body needs vitamins and minerals to start functioning. According to specialists, a hearty breakfast can increase your daily yield by about 30%

Here are the benefits of a healthy breakfast:

& bull A breakfast rich in vitamins and minerals gives your body the energy it needs from the first hours of the day.
& bull It can help you control your appetite throughout the day, so people who are used to eating in the morning will not eat extra between meals, but will be tempted to follow the main meals of the day.
& bull Improves your memory and ability to concentrate, because it stimulates your metabolism and the process of burning calories.

Disadvantages if you skip breakfast

If we have not been able to convince you of the importance of breakfast, we present to you the negative effects that its lack of daily schedule has on your body:

& bull When you do not eat in the morning, you feel much more tired, powerless and unwell, effects caused by lack of glucose, the body's main source of energy. Also, glucose deficiency causes the body to burn other energy reserves, which causes multiple changes in the functioning of metabolism.

& bull According to studies in children and adolescents, lack of breakfast is a contributing factor to obesity. The explanation is simple: the lack of the main meal produces an accentuated feeling of hunger, which leads to the consumption of less healthy foods.

Three ideas for everyday breakfast

1. The first variant of foods you can eat in the morning to enjoy a healthy and satisfying breakfast is to choose a portion of fruit (a kiwi, a banana or a freshly prepared orange juice), to which you can add 2 slices of toasted wholemeal bread, with fresh cheese or light marmalade. You can also consume a cup of tea or skim milk or skim yogurt.

2. You can opt for a cup with fresh blueberries, an orange juice, a slice of bread with ham, a natural yogurt or a cup of coffee or milk. They help give your body the energy it needs and are a good breakfast even for your diet.

3. Another light but energetic breakfast option can consist of: a carrot and orange juice, a natural yogurt with wheat germ, a slice of wholemeal bread with red fruit jam and a cup of green tea.

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Diet breakfast ideas

For many, the question arises & # 8222What should I eat in the morning for breakfast, if I am on a diet? & # 8221. Some diets have very clear breakfast plans, while others just give you some general principles to follow when preparing your breakfast.

One such example, the Rina diet recommends that you eat only fruit at breakfast. That's right, they can be consumed with tea or coffee, but without sugar or other sweeteners. Breakfast on the Rina diet should not be skipped, as this is an extremely important meal. Fruits that can be eaten for breakfast during the Rina diet include apples, bananas, grapes, kiwis, oranges, apricots, mangoes, dates or strawberries.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Look for recipes for a hearty breakfast consisting of foods essential for the harmonious development of children and equally beneficial for adults. Quick and healthy breakfast recipes to try every morning if you don't know what to eat in the morning here are some consistent and healthy fast breakfast ideas that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes. Breakfast smoothie 2.

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Pancake and banana smoothie pancakes are perfect for breakfast but if you had the same delicious flavors in a healthier package.

Healthy breakfast recipes. Spanish tortilla with fish. Baked pumpkin omelette. Add a teaspoon of salsa sauce and a little low-fat cheese over the omelette. 5 breakfast recipes that do not fatten dried fruits with whole grains and low-fat yogurt.

Start the day with a healthy and tasty breakfast. Whenever you prepare a pumpkin omelette in the oven, it is a satisfying and healthy dish that you will surely appreciate, especially when you have many mouths to feed from a fire. Recipes for breakfast quick recipes recipes from spain. Spaniards know how to eat chocolate in style for breakfast.

1 cup milk 1 2 bananas 1 4 cups almond flour 1 2 teaspoon maple syrup 1 4 tablespoons cinnamon. 7 healthy breakfast recipes. The meal served in the morning has the role of providing energy for. When you wake up in the morning you feel like serving a tasty and healthy breakfast.

It is a hearty breakfast due to the fiber contained in cereals. Chocolate toast categories. 1 make an omelet from an egg in which you add a teaspoon of milk, a clove of garlic and a little pepper. 8 suggestions for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Avocado mayonnaise spanakopita Greek spinach pie fast and healthy breakfast beans on toast Indian breakfast oatmeal with vegetables almond milk cheese roll with eggs omelette with mushrooms and eggs. Recipes for breakfast. Bath mothers what are you doing. Eat whole grains in the morning combined with dried fruit and low-fat yogurt.

Cook in the microwave or in a non-stick pan for one minute or until eggs are ready. You can prepare it for breakfast and as a snack or served at lunch. It's been more than two and a half years since I gave birth, and only now do I feel like I'm starting to get my head back. What I admire about those girls on the insta who in 30 seconds from birth are sexy weak legs and with a set table.

The truth is that most people do not eat a proper breakfast and in no case a hearty breakfast. Breakfast 98 recipes. Being fat-free, it is ideal for keeping your figure. An old saying goes to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar.

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