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Tripe soup

Tripe soup

I bought my favorite belly precisely because I hadn't made this soup before and I didn't want to spoil something by not properly cleaning an uncooked belly. and I put it aside.

I put the beef bone in a pot on the fire together with the carrots, parsley, celery, peppercorns and bay leaves and I let them boil for about 2 hours, taking the foam formed from time to time. After the meat it boiled, I strained the juice, I cut the meat into strips on the bone, I put it in the juice back together with the sliced ​​carrots and I put it on the fire again, I added the cleaned and crushed garlic, the finely chopped hot pepper and belly and let it boil for about 40 minutes. After all boiled completely, I put the pot aside on the fire, let it rest for a few good minutes, then I beat well 3 eggs, mixed with sour cream and I started to add a little soup over them, so as to bring eggs and sour cream from the bowl to a temperature as close as possible to what was in the pot, so that the egg would not clump and look ugly. with 4 cubes of chicken knorr and a little vinegar, not much so that everyone can make it on the plate according to their own taste.

Although it looks like a complicated soup (at least that's how it was in my vision), today I was convinced that it's not like that and I will definitely make another one.

Great appetite!

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