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People's Choice: 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World

People's Choice: 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World

It used to be that a hotel was the last place any serious eater would venture to dine. That started changing about two decades ago when hotels began recognizing that their in-house restaurants could be an asset, crafted into destinations in their own right. And it's not just a matter of adding to the hotel's draw for travelers. While guests may come and go with the seasons, hotels that have invested in their restaurants have seen they can keep their tables booked year-round with locals or folks like us who might actually even visit a hotel specifically for the food.

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The Daily Meal’s first annual 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World seeks to pay homage to the world’s most exemplary hotel feasts. This is our comprehensive look at hotel restaurants that have consistently set the benchmark by which other hotel restaurants are measured. in August we asked for your help to rank the list. You responded in great numbers.

Restaurants that have made the list include Joël Robuchon Restaurant at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, sometimes considered the best French restaurant in America; the estimable Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong; the tiny, charming Le Comptoir at the Relais Saint-Germain in Paris; the legendary Caesar's Restaurant at Hotel Caesar in Tijuana, birthplace of the Caesar salad; and the opulent, newly refurbished La Marocain at La Mamounia in Marrakech.

Our list was carefully curated by consulting the Michelin Guide and other trusted sources and through recommendations from The Daily Meal’s editors, who have traveled and dined extensively around the world.

With hundreds of innovative restaurants to choose from, it was a culinary challenge to whittle the list down to a select 101. To be in contention, a hotel had to have at least 15 rooms (so quaint auberges, family-run bed and breakfasts, and famed restaurants that happen to have a few rooms for the convenience of guests were immediately eliminated). Likewise, notable restaurants that lie just steps from hotels, even if they are under the same ownership, were also excluded — for instance Cibo Trattoria, adjacent to the Moda Hotel in Vancouver.

For the purposes of compiling the list, price was no object; but the fact is that the majority of restaurants that made the cut are located in luxury hotels with equally luxurious tabs. We did not discriminate on location; no island, nation, or province was off the table. In fact, the list includes some surprising gems in far-flung locales like Acquapazza at the Four Seasons Mauritius and Fontaine at the Hayma Island Resort in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

From Inverlochy at the Inverlochy Castle Hotel in Torlundy, Scotland, to Jaan at Swissôtel The Stamford in Singapore to The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, the globe-trotting list spans six continents, more than 40 countries and nations, and more than 80 cities, with Paris claiming the most spots on the list (with five).

The cuisine at these honored spots runs the gamut from classic Cantonese to Caribbean to Catalan and from French to fusion.

During our extensive culinary tour de force, we were pleased to revisit old favorites but were disappointed to learn of the closures of some of our most beloved pioneers of hotel haute cuisine. We would be remiss if we did not mention the unexpected temporary disappearance of Michel Richard's Citronelle at the Latham Hotel in Washington, D.C., which closed due to water damage. A handful of our favorites, too, are undergoing extensive renovation and repositioning, like Fortuny Restaurant at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, which is closing its doors Nov. 11 and reopens on March 21, 2013.

Still others are embarking on new culinary chapters with recent appointments of new executive chefs, like Feringgi Grill at the Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa in Penang, Malaysia, and TOCA at the Ritz Carlton Toronto. Other high profile contenders are about to lose their chefs, most notably Claridge's in London, whose longtime mainstay Gordon Ramsay is reportedly decamping when his contract expires at the end of the year. We wish these restaurants well and we eagerly await with fork in hand for a chance to try the offerings yet to come as we begin to compile next year’s 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

Any list like this one is bound to stir disagreements among discerning diners; even our own staff was divided on which restaurants made the final cut. After checking out The Daily Meal’s 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World, share your compliments and critiques in the comments section below — or on Twitter using the hashtag #BestHotelRestos, or by pinning your favorites to our 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World Pinterest board — and let us know what restaurants you think should have been included, or should have been left out.

Who's at the top of the People's Choice: 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World? The answer may surprise you.

Clare Sheehan contributed research and text to 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack. Clare Sheehan is a Junior Writer at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @clare_sheehan.

The 101: These L.A. takeout pop-ups are meeting the moment and forging a future

If you’ve been following dining culture in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know about the ascent of online-based ventures that are frequently, inadequately labeled as “Instagram pop-ups.” Often, they are created by restaurant chefs who have been furloughed, laid off and or are otherwise unemployed during the crisis, or perhaps caterers whose business evaporated with the March shutdowns. The best of them offer magnificent food for takeout (and sometimes delivery) — the kind of thoughtful, first-person cooking that makes us feel less solitary in the world.

In these pop-ups we see not only the tenacity necessary to face the moment but also the kind of talent on which the future of L.A. dining will be built.

As survivalist responses to an ongoing catastrophe, pop-ups can be ephemeral, but it also felt right to acknowledge their contributions to the community in this year’s “101 restaurants, dishes, people and ideas” project.

Pop-up restaurants and other takeout upstarts have become a tangible part of dining in pandemic-era Los Angeles.

In the print version of the 101, distributed to subscribers on Dec. 13 and available in The Times’ online store, we weave 11 of our favorite pop-ups throughout the guide. Their ever-evolving menus show off L.A.’s wondrous multiplicity. The bonus of following them on social media? Tracing the comments, tags and stories on their profiles may lead you to other remarkable upstarts.


From his front yard in City Terrace, Alan Cruz makes some of the most distinctive and exciting barbecue in Los Angeles. There is 14-hour smoked brisket that disappears before you have memory of eating it, but also dishes cooked from the point of view of a young Chicano barbecue chef shaped by central Texas traditions: citrusy, chile-stained pulled pork modeled on cochinita pibil cubed pork belly rubbed in al pastor rub and finished with pineapple chunks (Cruz calls it “al pastor burnt ends”) and excellent mac ’n’ cheese made even more soulful with smoky green chile rajas. This is essential L.A. food. Order online, then pick up your barbecue haul on Saturday. (The address is sent to customers after they purchase food online.) — P.I.E.

Brandoni Pepperoni

Brandon Gray is a veteran in two senses of the word: A former cook in the Navy, he has chalked up chef experience over the last decade in Los Angeles restaurants that include Providence, Trois Mec and Best Girl in the Ace Hotel. He was running Royce Burke’s Secret Lasagna, a takeout restaurant and market in the West Hollywood Gateway complex, when Burke asked him if he could concoct an off-the-cuff pizza to bring to a friend — who turned out to be Evan Kleiman (see Page 37). She raved about the pie on her KCRW-FM (89.9) show “Good Food,” and Gray asked himself, “Am I about to start making pizzas for a living?”

He has heeded the call. He stretches dough to a thinness that yields a crust that’s crackery in places and puffed in others. With a sweet, dense sauce made from Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes and produce from the Santa Monica Farmers Market, Gray makes creations such as Nothin but a G Thang, with a combination of shrimp, chicken, sausage, pickled okra and roasted peppers that brings to mind gumbo. Pickups are in Mid-City, with a permanent location in the works for 2021. — B.A.

Bridgetown Roti

After years on the line at restaurants such as Botanica, the Exchange at the Freehand L.A. and Rustic Canyon, Rashida Holmes is headlining the dishes of her Bajan heritage with her Arts District-based pop-up. Her specialty is flaky roti, filled with her mom’s recipe for chicken curry, a vegan-friendly tumble of seasonal vegetables or, best of all, soft, ropy hunks of goat meat she buys from Jimenez Family Farms. The crust of her savory patties remains improbably delicate even when bulging with green curry shrimp or shredded oxtail meat with peppers. Start a meal with smashed cucumber salad jolted by jerk seasonings or two-bite cod cakes you’ll want to scarf by hand. We should all keep nudging Holmes to make doubles (the palm-size, Trinidadian flatbreads) covered with more goat. — B.A.

De Porres

For much of the last decade, Danielle Bell and Pablo Osorio have hosted a regular dinner series, first in New York and then in Los Angeles. Their meals mingled the specialties of Osorio’s native Peru with desserts and baking that often hearken to Bell’s Kentucky upbringing. Her biscuits and gravy and his creamy, gently spicy aji de gallina had developed followings at the Hollywood and Altadena farmers markets.

In 2020, they centered their energies on delivery with a mix of set and weekly-changing dishes. A mid-October menu perfectly summarized their synergies: locro de zapallo, a spicy winter squash stew set over quinoa Parisian gnocchi with an autumnal mix of mushrooms and chicories, served with an aji amarillo butter sauce end-of-season peach cobbler scented with cardamom and speckled with nigella seeds and homey lemon pound cake that paired gorgeously with chestnut-rum ice cream. About Bell’s ice cream: It’s so masterful it deserves its own spinoff pop-up. — B.A.

Fat & Flour

As part of the formative Gjelina Group team, at her short-lived Fairfax restaurant Fiona last year and in the approachable wisdom of her fruit-focused cookbook “Dappled,” Nicole Rucker has secured her reputation as the brightest star in the L.A. pie universe. With her current pop-up stand in Grand Central Market, the display of her talent is exceptional. You can flip the calendar by her rotating selection the brilliance of the ever-changing lineup stems from her commitment to gathering fruit from the region’s finest orchards (and her own creative restlessness). In summer, there was the “stoner party,” a manifesto declared with peaches, nectarines, plums and oatmeal. Her hand pies — curried greens for lunch, pear and cherry or spiced apple for a treat later — may sneakily be the best things she makes. It isn’t all pie: Sometimes she makes peach ice cream sodas or biscuits smeared with the sunniest-tasting jams or brownies sprinkled with the right amount of fleur de sel. — B.A.

Golden Rice Co.

The sides of the packaging fall away, and the golden rice cake rises up statuesque on its cardboard tray. A few handfuls of ruby barberries have been scattered on top and around the sides optional pulled chicken, sliced eggplant or filleted salmon may surround the perimeter or be draped over the top. This is Farah Parsa’s variation on the traditional Iranian dish tahchin, saturated with the flavor of saffron, cumulus-light from the addition of yogurt and with a dome of tahdig, the crisp layer of rice formed on the bottom of the pot. Parsa cooked for her daughter Sophia Parsa’s private dinner series Mountain Gate, where entrepreneurs such as Kim Malek, founder of Salt & Straw ice cream, spoke. A giant version of the tahchin was a staple centerpiece in the shutdown, Farah downsized the recipe, and the family began to offer weekly pickups on Sundays out of Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. Golden Rice Co. also makes limited Sunday deliveries.

Best Japanese Restaurants around the World

Here’s the ultimate list for the best Japanese restaurants around the world submitted by local JOC readers. Thank you for contributing to making this wonderful list!

Please note that we have not tried all of these restaurants ourselves. You can look up online on Yelp or Trip Advisor for the overall reviews for more information.

If your favorite local restaurant is not shown below, please leave a comment on this post with the name (website if you know), city, and country.

For Japanese grocery stores around the world, please click here.

Note: We’ll review your recommendations when we get a chance. Only selected places will be listed based on our criteria. Thank you!

Best restaurants in the US and world according to TripAdvisor

There are many ways to plan a trip: by weather, attractions or hotel offerings. For the foodies in the world, it’s all about the restaurants. Just like you need a little help narrowing down exactly where you should go on vacation, so, too, does it help to know where to dine. That’s why travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor scoured their data to come up with their 2016 Travelers’ Choice awards for top restaurants around the world.

Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for restaurants around the world, gathered over a yearlong period. The outcomes was a list of 528 restaurants, including the top 25 fine dining in the world and United States.

“This esteemed restaurants list can be consulted for a special night out, a meal without breaking the bank, or anyone looking to book a special gourmet getaway," said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor, in a statement.

So, who topped the list as the best in the United States? Alinea in Chicago, Illinois. Though it’s been around for 10 years, chef Grant Achatz decided to revamp the restaurant's interior, along with its popular menu — and people are taking notice. “You will be there for four hours, but it will be four hours of culinary ecstasy,” wrote one TripAdvisor reviewer. “Each course is carefully prepared and executed like a work of art. The mix of flavors and presentation is unparalleled.”

Just behind the Windy City joint is a spot in Orlando, Florida. called Victoria & Albert’s. Here chef Scott Hunnel offers modern American cuisine in a beautiful, old-world setting, using flavors from all over the world to enhance local ingredients. “The whole experience here is like having front row orchestra seats,” one TripAdvisor reviewer boldly wrote. “Food, presentation and service are perfect. The ultimate place for that special or any occasion!”

Fan favorite Per Se in New York, Halls Chophouse in Charleston, South Carolina, and another Manhattan hot spot Bouley — which topped last year's list — rounded out the top five in the country. Both New York and Charleston restaurants took more spots in the top 10, while Alinea made it to the No. 6 spot in the world.

These are all the fancy (aka pricey) places in the world, but what about getting the most bang for your buck? TripAdvisor also awarded some of the best bargain dining establishments in the country with Old Tyme Grocery in Lafayette, Louisiana, coming in at No. 1. This Southern restaurant has been serving up beloved New Orleans-style po’boys since 1982.

Rounding out the top five bargain spots are Mas Tacos in Nashville, Tennessee Phillippe the Original in Los Angeles, California Stewby’s Seafood Shanty in Fort Walton, Florida and Home Slice Pizza in Austin, Texas.


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India International Hospitality Expo Awards 2019- Sadashiv Bangera, Head Human Resources, recognized with a Special Jury Award, August 2019.

Indian Hospitality Awards 2019 by BW Hotelier - Abhisek Basu, Executive Assistant Manager-Food & Beverage, awarded with the title of &lsquoF&B Manager of the Year&rsquo of the West Zone , July 2019.

Indian Hospitality Awards 2019 by BW Hotelier - Shradha Bhat, PR & Marcom Manager, presented with the title of &lsquoPR Manager of the Year&rsquo of the West Zone , July 2019.

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                  • Wine Spectator &ndash Stella conferred Award of excellence, 2011
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                  The Leela Palace Udaipur

                    • 2020
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                      • The Leela Palace Udaipur, voted as Number 1 Resort in India by Travel + Leisure World&rsquos Best Awards 2020.
                      • The Leela Palace Udaipur, voted as Favourite Spa in an Indian Hotel by Condé Nast Traveler India.
                        • Ultimate Luxury Travel Awards, ULTRAs-2019, Ultra Travel Collection Hotel of the Year&mdashRunner Up- January 2020
                        • Ultimate Luxury Travel Awards, ULTRAs-2019, Ultra Travel Collection Best Hotel of Asia&mdashRunner Up- January 2020
                        • Hotelier Awards-2019, Mr. Anil Tayal is awarded Housekeeper of the year for luxury to Upper Upscale &mdash December 2019
                        • Conde Nast Traveler &ndashthe gold list 2020, The Best Hotels and Resorts in the world&mdashDecember 2019
                        • Conde Nast traveler &ndashthe Reader&rsquos Travel Awards 2019- Favorite Leisure hotel in India&mdashDecember 2019
                        • Food Food Awards -2019 Grand finale&mdashBest Resort Hotel of the year&mdashNovember 2019
                        • Travel & Leisure- India&rsquos Best Awards 2019- Best Heritage Hotel ( Domestic)-October 2019
                        • Food Food Awards-2019 North & East&mdashBest Resort Hotel of the year-September 2019
                        • BW Hotelier- Mr. Prateek Virendra Swarup is awarded as the Best Hotel Manager, North- July 2019
                        • Icons of Udaipur &ndash Mr. Rajesh Namby is awarded as Icon of Udaipur for his outstanding contribution in the field of Hospitality and Tourism by Dainik Bhaskar and Aravli Foundation &ndashJuly 2019
                        • Travel +Leisure, No.1 Hotel in the World -&mdashJuly 2019
                        • Travel +Leisure, No.1 Resort in Asia&mdashJuly 2019
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                          • TripAdvisor ranked # 2 in Top 25 Hotels in India &ndash January 2018
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                            • TripAdvisor 2017 Travellers' ChoiceT Awards &ndash The Leela Palace Udaipur awarded # 1 among Top 25 Hotels in India, January 2017
                            • TripAdvisor 2017 Travellers' ChoiceT Awards &ndash The Leela Palace Udaipur awarded # 2 among Best Luxury Hotel in India, January 2017
                            • TripAdvisor 2017 Travellers' ChoiceT Awards &ndash The Leela Palace Udaipur awarded # 7 among Top 25 Hotels in Asia, January 2017
                            • TripAdvisor 2017 Travellers' ChoiceT Awards &ndash The Leela Palace Udaipur awarded # 19 among Top 25 Hotels in the World, January 2017
                            • Travel & Leisure USA &ndash Ranked # 7 among the Top 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Asia and # 34 among Top 100 hotels in the World - July 2017
                            • Condé Nast Traveller Readers&rsquo Travel Awards - The Leela Udaipur won Favourite Destination Wedding Hotel in India

                            Conde Nast Traveller India Readers Travel Awards 2016- 'Favourite Indian Leisure Hotel&rsquo and its spa by ESPA crowned &lsquoFavourite Indian Hotel Spa&rsquo 2016

                            Luxury Hotel of the Year - BW Hotelier Indian Hospitality Awards, March 2016.

                            Photo credit:

                            Located in San Pablo City in the Philippines, this restaurant is a part of the Villa Escudero Resort. Its authentic cuisine is very tasty and rather unique, served on bamboo tables. When people dine here, they soak their feet in the clear water and enjoy the view of a wonderful waterfall that serves as a &lsquonatural air conditioner.&rsquo

                            Very often, the restaurant hosts traditional music and dance shows.

                            10 salads from around the world

                            There's a whole world of green goodness out there.

                            Salads get a bad rap sometimes. People think of them only as diet food, substitutes for real meals. But salads can be more creative than iceberg lettuce and a few croutons. Cooks and chefs have invented plenty of full-flavored dishes that show us how fresh and delicious salads can be. Here are 10 from around the world:

                            1. Cobb salad

                            />Healthy, hearty cobb salad made with chicken, bacon, tomato, onions and eggs. (Photo: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock)

                            Cobb salad: the salad that sure doesn't feel like one. It's stuffed with chicken, bacon, avocado, eggs and cheese. The only way to make this dish heavier is to add bricks.

                            Stories about the first Cobb salad abound. Some say it was created at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, owned by Robert Howard Cobb. According to legend, Cobb hadn't eaten until midnight, so he mixed together some leftovers he found in the kitchen.

                            2. Larb

                            />Larb is spicy meat salad made with chicken, beef, duck, turkey, pork or sometimes fish, flavored with fish sauce, lime juice and herbs. (Photo: Paul_Brighton/Shutterstock)

                            In case you were wondering what Lao's national dish is made out of, here's a hint: it comes from a Lanna (northern Thailand) word that literally means "to mince meat." But there's more to the salad than just meat. It's traditional to stir fry and add the blood of the chicken or pig that ended up in this most carnivore-friendly salad imaginable. It's usually served with raw vegetables and sticky rice.

                            3. Israeli salad

                            />Israeli salad consists of chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onions. (Photo: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock)

                            This falafel-stand add-on can be served as a side dish or in sandwiches. It's known as the most popular national dish in Israel. The salad is made by chopping up vegetables into tiny pieces. Chefs even compete over who can chop the smallest pieces.

                            4. Mexican black bean salad

                            />Try serving Mexican black bean salad with chips! (Photo: photogal/Shutterstock)

                            This versatile salad can be served on its own, used a a dip, or cooked for tostadas. It's made with a simple mix of avocados, corn, black beans, tomatoes and onions. It's light and flavorful, perfect for the warm summer days ahead.

                            5. Waldorf salad

                            Waldorf salad is made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise and usually served on a bed of lettuce. (Photo: MSPhotographic/Shutterstock)

                            Unlike the many folk salads featured here, Waldorf salad was born in urban royalty. It was invented at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City in the 1890s by Oscar Tschirky, the Waldorf's maître d'hôtel who created many of the hotel's signature dishes. An episode of the 1970s British sitcom Fawlty Towers features the salad in what was literally its "Waldorf Salad" episode.

                            6. Gado-gado

                            />Gado-gado consists of boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs served with a peanut sauce dressing. (Photo: Ivonne Wierink/Shutterstock)

                            Gado-gado literally means "mix-mix." It's an Indonesian dish made with a variety of ingredients including potatoes, string beans, bean sprouts, spinach, chayote, bitter gourd, corn and cabbage, with tofu, tempeh and hard-boiled eggs, all of which are completely coated in peanut sauce dressing. It's widely served at Indonesian restaurants around the world.

                            7. Dressed herring salad

                            />Dressed herring salad is composed of diced salted herring covered with layers of grated boiled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beet roots), chopped onions and mayonnaise. (Photo: Guryanov Andrey/Shutterstock)

                            This Russian salad is traditionally served at New Year and Christmas celebrations. It's as much about appearance as it is about taste: the final layer, grated boiled beet root covered with mayonnaise, gives the dish a rich purple color. It's often decorated with grated boiled eggs.

                            8. Nicoise salad

                            />Tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, anchovies and vinaigrette combine to make a Nicoise salad. (Photo: Martin Turzak/Shutterstock)

                            This French salad is sort of like an American cobb salad, except it uses tuna, green beans and potatoes instead of chicken, bacon and avocado. Like so many things we love, it comes from the Mediterranean. It was invented in Nice, France. In the United States, it's usually served on a bed of lettuce.

                            9. Tabbouleh

                            />Tabbouleh is made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. (Photo: NatalieVasilyeva/Shutterstock)

                            This Israeli dish is so beloved that it has made its way around the globe. It's popular in the United States and has even become common in the Dominican Republic, where it's known as "tipile."

                            The largest recorded dish of tabbouleh, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, weighed 9,532 pounds. It was created in 2009 by an elementary school in northern Israel.

                            10. Fiambre

                            />More than 50 ingredients are often used to make Fiambre. (Photo: loca4motion/Shutterstock)

                            Guatemalans have a tradition in which they prepare the favorite dishes of family members that have died and bring them to graveyards to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Eventually, these various dishes were combined and turned into this all-inclusive salad. Families pass on different recipes, but fiambre usually includes sausages, cold cuts, pickles baby corn, onion, beets, pacaya flower, cheeses, olives and chicken.

                            Ilana Strauss writes about social sciences and the environment because she is a person on a planet.

                            Chili cook-off winners share their secrets

                            Buy Photo

                            Bill Donovan's Code 3 Chili is meaty and flavorful. (Photo: Alison Sherwood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Buy Photo

                            At this time of year, chili is always a winning choice. Hearty and hot, it can be served at a Super Bowl party, brought to a potluck or prepared for dinner in a large enough quantity to ensure plenty of leftovers.

                            But while there are few losing recipes out there, when it comes to chili some are bigger winners than others. That’s because chili competitions abound, and are growing in popularity.

                            They range from spirited office cook-offs to fundraisers to events that showcase local restaurants and chefs. There also are officially sanctioned state, regional, national and international contests with trained judges.

                            We asked some winners about what makes chili so special.

                            “There are so many variations, and they all are so good,” says Anthony Barone, who won the 2016 Wisconsin State Chili Cook-Off in Green Lake and, as a result, went on to compete at the International Chili Society’s World Championships in Reno, Nev. It was the second time he and his team, which also consists of wife Maria and sister- and brother-in-law Amy and Jerry McKeown, won the state competition.

                            Members of the winning chili cook-off team of Anthony Barone (far right) include wife Maria Barone and brother-in-law Jerry McKeown. (Photo: Courtesy of Anthony Barone)

                            Barone says his chili stands apart because he uses flank steak instead of tri-tip, which is the beef of choice for many others who compete.

                            “I think flank steak has a better flavor, and I combine it with ground beef,” he says. “I blister and skin fresh peppers and I also use beer in my recipe. People say they can taste the beer and they like it.”

                            Brian Francis has earned multiple awards for his chili, which is served at Mulligans Irish Pub in Franklin. He will compete at the Milwaukee Chili Bowl Jan. 29, a competition he won in 2016. (Photo: Brian Francis)

                            Brian Francis has won the Golden Ladle Award at the Milwaukee Chili Bowl for the past four years and will be competing again at the event Jan. 29 at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. This competition showcases chili prepared by local chefs. More than 30 restaurants participated last year, offering more than 50 varieties.

                            Francis is co-owner of Mulligans Irish Pub & Grill in Franklin, and his winning recipe is the same chili that is served at the restaurant.

                            “I use ground beef and pork loin,” Francis says. “It’s hearty, it’s meaty and it’s spicy, but it won’t make you sweat too much.

                            “It’s just a good balance of heat and flavor.”

                            And it includes beans, as does most chili prepared in the Midwest.

                            “I know different regions have different standards,” he says. “But to me, beans are required.”

                            Beans are not allowed, however, in International Chili Society-sanctioned events.

                            “We’re looking for chili in its purest form,” says Carol Hancock, CEO of the society, which holds events all around the country. “In our main category we require chili peppers or paste and quality meat but do not allow beans or pasta.

                            “But we’re talking about competition chili at the highest level, not about what you serve on a weeknight or at a Super Bowl party. In many parts of the country, chili wouldn’t be chili without beans.”

                            White chili, which is made with chicken and white beans, may be the polar opposite of the chili created for International Chili Society competitions, but it continues to grow in popularity.

                            Lisa Goldfinger says the white chicken chili recipe she has written about is the most popular recipe on her food blog (found at

                            “This chili has so much flavor because it’s baked into the chicken beforehand,” she says. She also likes using three types of chili powder for greater depth of flavor.

                            And, yes, it’s a contest winner, too. It was voted the best chili at her husband’s office cook-off.

                            The Greater Milwaukee Pipes and Drums Chili Cook-Off is another smaller event that’s competitive nevertheless. It involves Milwaukee-area firefighters and police showing off their best recipes with attendees deciding who gets bragging rights.

                            “And the Fire Department usually wins,” says past winner Lt. Jeff Gauthier of the Milwaukee Fire Department. “Hmmm … do I sound biased?”

                            The event has grown every year and in November had to move to a bigger venue. It is a fundraiser for the Pipe Band, which plays (free of charge) at funerals throughout the region as a way of honoring fallen firefighters and police officers.

                            Gauthier has always loved cooking and did so for four years at the firehouses to which he was assigned before he was promoted to lieutenant. He says he thought he was a “pretty good cook — until I came to the Fire Department.”

                            “That’s when I learned what really good cooking is all about,” he says. “Those guys who prepare satisfying meals on every shift, they’re the best.”

                            Gauthier’s winning chili has a smoky flavor and a little bit of heat.

                            “I use ground sirloin, ground pork and ground veal, and sometimes I do a chunkier version using smoked brisket,” he says. “I love beans in my chili and use two different types, Spanish black beans and kidney beans.

                            “I serve my chili over spaghetti noodles because I grew up in Green Bay and that’s how we do it,” he says.

                            Mitch Gawin won the Greater Milwaukee Pipes and Drums Chili Cook-Off. (Photo: Nancy Herrick)

                            This year Mitch Gawin entered the Pipes and Drums chili cook-off for the first time — and won. Gawin is a paid on-call firefighter and EMT in Thiensville and works full time for the Milwaukee Fire Department as an equipment mechanic. He calls his recipe “Watchman’s Chili.”

                            “I don’t do a ton of cooking because I don’t have much time, but I love making chili,” he says. His chili has a rich, smoky flavor and includes cubed beef chuck roast that is seasoned and browned, bacon, onion, beans and two types of peppers, including chipotle.

                            “Traditionally I preferred a Texas-style chili without beans, but I added them and really liked how it turned out,” he says. His beans of choice are black beans.

                            On a recent Friday Gawin prepared two Nesco roasters full of his winning chili to serve at the Milwaukee Fire Department repair shop and a large group gathered for lunch as Gauthier presented the first-place silver bowl to Gawin. It got rave reviews.

                            Gawin also will be participating in the WMSE Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser held each year at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center. This year’s event is March 5, and it uses a people’s choice system to determine the winner. Those who buy tickets can vote on the best chili in a range of categories.

                            “In addition to supporting MSOE, the organizers allow us to raise additional money for the Fire Department’s Warm Up Winter project, which has allowed us to buy more than 25,000 new coats for kids in Milwaukee who need them,” says Fire Department Deputy Chief John Litchford. Litchford and Gauthier have competed in the past, and now Gawin is joining the ranks.

                            Litchford says one of the reasons chili is so popular among firefighters is that it’s a “good, solid comfort food.”

                            “At the firehouse it brings everyone together and contributes to the camaraderie,” he says. “We train together, cook together and eat together.”

                            Another firefighter, this one from Cincinnati, took his chili recipe to the highest level, becoming a World Champion in International Chili Society competition. He enters 10 to 12 competitions a year, has also won state titles in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and more, and has served as a cook-off chairman.

                            He says chili has become one of America’s favorite comfort foods.

                            “It’s easy to put together, and hits all the food groups,” says Bill Donovan, who is now retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department. “And the whole family likes it.”

                            He also is a fan of Cincinnati-style chili, which is a popular regional style with a distinctive flavor that is the result of its Greek roots. It is said that more chili is served in Cincinnati (per capita) than any other city in the U.S.

                            “It’s soupier, with cinnamon, cloves and finely ground meat, served over spaghetti noodles and topped with massive quantities of cheese,” he says. “Cincinnati still has chili parlors where people go several times a week.”

                            One of the most popular is Skyline Chili, with a dozen locations in the Cincinnati area. Time and time again it has been voted Cincinnati’s best chili.

                            As for Donovan’s own chili, he does not reveal the exact recipe for his ICS award-winner, but he represents his firefighter background by providing his Code 3 Chili recipe that he would serve in the firehouse and at home.

                            “In firefighter jargon, a Code 3 is a fire that requires additional fire companies to help extinguish flames,” he says. “It’s a little hot.”

                            Milwaukee Chili Bowl

                            The 11th annual Milwaukee Chili Bowl competition will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, 1721 W. Canal St. Those who purchase VIP tickets can enter an hour earlier and will receive a T-shirt.

                            More than 25 restaurants and commercial kitchens will participate, offering as many as 50 varieties. Each ticket allows eight 3-ounce samples for tasting and voting by attendees. A non-perishable food donation for the Hunger Task Force earns two more samples.

                            “New this year will be a panel of expert judges who will judge the chili entries in four categories,” says Andrew Swofford, president of Inc., which plans the event. The categories are traditional, most unique, vegetarian and spiciest.

                            “Local chefs do such creative things. We’ve had venison, wild boar and even blueberries as ingredients. The event is just a great way to support local restaurants and to taste some great chili.”

                            For more information and advance, reduced-price tickets, go to

                            Types of chili

                            Chili is a versatile main dish with an infinite number of variations. But most fall into one of these main categories:

                            Chili con carne. Or, simply, chili, which is a spicy one-pot stew containing meat, tomatoes or tomato sauce, chilies or chili pepper and, often, beans.

                            Chile verde. Native to northern Mexico, this one-pot stew is made with pork (or sometimes beef), hot green peppers (“verde” means green in Spanish), a range of spices and, often, beans.

                            White chili. A variation that substitutes chicken for beef, and leaves out the tomatoes. White beans and green chilies also contribute to its paleness.

                            Vegetarian chili. Usually made with tomatoes, chilies and/or chili powder, cumin, cayenne, onion, bell pepper and beans, this spicy dish is simply missing the meat.

                            Cincinnati chili. This Mediterranean-style meat sauce was developed by Greek and Macedonian immigrants in the 1920s and is still served over spaghetti noodles or hot dogs in chili parlors throughout Cincinnati. It has a distinctive, sweet flavor and includes finely ground beef, tomato sauce, cinnamon and allspice.


                            This is one of Mitch Gawin's favorite chilis to make. (Photo: Jan Uebelherr)

                            Chili Cook-Off champion Anthony Barone uses flank steak in his chili. (Photo: Joanne Kempinger Demski)

                            Cincinnati-style chili is served over spaghetti diners add cheese, beans and/or other toppings as desired. (Photo: Nancy Stohs)

                            Hatch green chiles are used in New Mexico-style chili. (Photo: Journal Sentinel files)

                            White chili typically has chicken, white beans and green chiles. (Photo: Kristine M. Kierzek)

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                            1. Lemon Chicken

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                            3. Guilt-Free Galouti Kebab

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                            Indian Dinner Recipes:Forget about the diet plans and indulge in delicious healthy Galouti Kebabs for snacks.

                            4. Dum Aloo Lakhnawi

                            Your family will thank you for this absolutely fantastic bowl of dum aloo cooked Lakhnawi style. Take some potatoes, crumbled paneer, kasuri methi, butter, onions and some ghee.
                            Indian Dinner Recipes: The perfect dinner or lunch recipe, dum aloo is an easy an quick recipe to dish up for unexpected guests!

                            5. Keema Biryani

                            Who ever said no to Biryani? A luscious biryani made with minced meat, almonds, raisins, yogurt, onions, garlic, ginger and milk. It's one of those dishes which don't just make your dinner table look good, but also leave your house smelling fabulous.
                            Indian Dinner Recipes: Keema Biryani is the delicious amalgamation of rice with aromatic spices is a delight to relish on. ​

                            6. Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

                            A lovely take on the unusual paneer gravy: Small chunks of paneer cooked with cinnamon, fried onions, black pepper, ginger, garlic and yogurt to make this gorgeous and fragrant curry. Paneer cubes are cooked in flavourful spices in a dum or pressure, where steam can't release, making it a dish bursting with aromatic flavours.
                            Indian Dinner Recipes: The ideal summer dish wrapped in masalas. Serve with steamed rice or any Indian bread to have a wholesome meal. A delicious yet different dish to cook for a dinner party!​

                            7. Shahi Egg Curry

                            Eggs are a versatile food that can be cooked for any meal of the day. From breakfast to dinner, it can be a go-to food. Here is a mildly-spiced egg curry made with garlic, onions, a whole lot of kasuri methi, fresh cream, yogurt and fresh coriander . It can be paired with plain chapati, paratha, rice, biryani or pulao depending upon your choice. You can also serve pickle along with it.
                            Indian Dinner Recipes: Egg curry can never go wrong for dinner. Apart from being simple and easy to cook, eggs have numerous health benefits too.​

                            8. Malabari Prawn Curry

                            A light prawn curry cooked with grated coconut, coriander seeds, ginger, chilli and some shallots will make the perfect hero on your dinner table. Pair it with some steamed rice and you've got yourself a winner of a dish.
                            Indian Dinner Recipes: This prawn curry can be a delicious puck for a winter party.

                            9. Makhmali Kofte

                            A rich gravy made of khus khus, coconut and milk that tastes best with koftas made from khoya. This velvety and creamy recipe will leave you licking your fingers. Makhmali kofte can be your go-to dish for dinner parties as this is quite different from other kofta recipes and extremely delicious.

                            Indian Dinner Recipes: A vegetarian's delight, Makhmali Kofte are mooth and soft, made with khoya, therefore quite rich!​

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                            12. Ajwaini Paneer Kofta Curry

                            Made with rock salt, this paneer recipe is perfect for the fasting days as well besides being superbly delicious for a great dinner treat to your family too!

                            Indian Dinner Recipes: A perfect paneer kofta curry for your next dinner!

                            13. Butter Chicken

                            Butter chicken is a hot favourite with most Indian non-vegetarians. The quintessential chicken curry has become popular around the world, with Indian food lovers opting for butter chicken in restaurants around the world. Here is how you can easily make it at home.

                            Now, that you are armed with the best of Indian dinner recipes, go be the best home chef around.

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