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Salt in corn crust

Salt in corn crust

Autumn is always rich in fresh fish. The salt has a good taste grown in running water, now a little colder. I like this fish because it has a firm flesh [being predatory], in addition it does not have many bones.

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I miss the sea. I haven't seen her in two years since I was in Crete, by a happy circumstance -)

I miss the salty, crystal clear sea water so you could count the grains of sand.

I miss the clean beaches, the civilized people and the bohemian atmosphere in Greece.

Apart from the noisy Russian women, who could afford to go topless, I saw countless deux-pieces or full swimsuits that left enough room for imagination to fly. Male imagination, of course.

I miss jumping in waves and swimming beyond the buoy. I miss floating, being one and the same with the sea, with the sky, with the birds.

I miss a real vacation. I want to go to the tide, to the sun.


I wish from the bottom of my heart that your wish is fulfilled! :)

don't you miss the beaches in Orange? indeed, the water is not as transparent as in Greece (as I see it in the pictures, because only the lucky ones get there: P) but it's ok) the ocean has a lot of personality.

as you say. I couldn't stay in another city. I would miss you too!

I miss the maximum too! I see a quick walk, but I'm still in discussions about CO) I'm kissing you

we go to the sea on August 7th. I can not wait!

Liana. I wish your wish to be fulfilled!

Noah, I want you to go to the big sea, if you miss it so much! : D

And then come back with new recipes, which we can borrow: P

I want you to fulfill your dream.
I just got back from the sea but I already miss her. I love her! A week at sea is far too little, but it's good that it was.

Basanti and Goya costumes are absolutely gorgeous!

I miss her too :), but this summer passes like this, without any visit at all. :(

And we agree with you.

Speaking of the sea, my opinion is that a perfect swimsuit makes you look perfect and feel like that.